September 12, 2015


Hi, I’m Hayley, and I am the human behind Death and Delicacy.


My first love was called Daisy and she came to me when I was around seven. My severely allergic mum picked her out for us from a  rescue and brought her home to us. I will always remember my brother and I venturing into the garage to feed her and give her cuddles, as she got used to living with us.

Daisy stayed with us for 17 years and I loved every minute, especially when she invaded my bed and sleep next to my head. I loved that she was sassy, and she taught me how to be confident in myself.

As an adult, my first pet was Captain Majestic, the most adored cat in all of history.


I have always known that my work would include animals, so it was no surprise when I went from being an a animal advocate at various rehoming facilities to studying vet nursing at Polytechnic. It was then that my interest in animal anatomy and art came together and


I starting look at the mourning practises of western society, especially those surrounding animals. I saw so many families mourning the loss of their pets as family members and this was something that struck a chord as someone who has previously lost an adored pet.

I always knew that animals would be par


A labour of love providing taxidermied creatures, pet memorials, art displays and wet specimens.

A celebration of life, stories and nature in death